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Frölunda Data is a Swedish reseller, distributor and producer of technical aids for people with special needs. The company was founded in 1985, making it one of Swedens oldest and most experienced companies within this area. Although we have customers all over the world, many of our products have been developed with the Scandinavian market in mind, which makes our "international" range of products a bit more limited. Therefor we haven't translated our website, however, we'll gladly answer any questions you may have regarding the company or any of our products, via either e-mail or phone.

A few of our "english" products:

Frölunda Data at the NASEN and TES Special Needs Exhibition
Frölunda Data at the NASEN and TES Special Needs
Exhibition fair in London 2004.
Lexion is a computer based system for assessing, stimulating and training individuals with dyslexia, aphasia and other language related disorders. Find out about the 94 structured exercise modules which include: phonological awareness, letter/sound correspondence, syllable processing, spelling, vocabulary and conceptual understanding, comprehension of sentences and texts, spatial relationships and arithmetic. Pupils can also train at home. Suitable for mainstream or special education. Read more about Lexion here.

Talking Keyboard
PDF-file with more information.

TimeTrack (aka "Urkoll")
PDF-file with more information.

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